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The positive aspects of BPD: BPD as a gift

BPD as a sufferer can readily be deemed a ‘curse.’ When we are not focused on the work we must do to heal; we are in a state of constant and intense emotional flux. This is exhausting and extremely painful. Not just mentally and emotionally, but physically too. But BPD has positive aspects. BPD can be a gift.

Just flip the coin.

A coin has two sides.

Each story has two sides.

Everything is black, and everything is white.

Everything is both at any given time.

Life is opposites. Life is duality.

What are the positive cores of people with BPD? We are creative. We are caring. We are fantastic with children, animals and nature. We are at one with the natural environment. We are passionate. We feel things that lay beneath the surface, so we are more empathic, more intuitive, more aware of what is going on around us. You see things. We see them too. You hear things. We hear things too. But we also feel and take those feelings deep within ourselves and know.

These positive aspects of BPD with guidance and training can be great gifts to society.

When these essential parts of us are treated with kindness and nurtured we blossom.

We of the 2-4% can be of great benefit to society if society ceases to shun us and instead chooses to embrace and work with us.

We are lovers; we are carers; we are nurturers; we are creators.

Self-belief is hard for us as we lack self-esteem and our identities are fluid.

Believe in us, be gentle with us and we thrive.

We are worth the extra work, the extra patience, the extra kindness. Be kind to us, and it will be returned to the universe tenfold.

Help us to be us, and together we can change the world.

For when we are allowed to be, then we are a gift.

Accept the gift that is us.

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