About me

Hi there! I’m a three times divorced (go BPD!) middle-aged lady navigating the road to recovery from BPD.

I’m also clinically depressed YAY! Non-BPD people won’t understand the “yay” after depression, and yes I do mean the suicidal kind, but here in this moment, which could very well change within 10 minutes, BPD is winning the race of which disorder is the best. See? Sometimes BPD can be a bonus folks!

If you are a fellow sufferer, welcome … you are not alone in this.

For loved ones of sufferers, I hope this helps you to understand what it is like to be us. That is the purpose of this blog. I want the world to see that we are not scary, that we are valuable and we can contribute to society and when treated right, accepted and loved we can be something truly wonderful.

Hear us, understand us, hold us and love us.

Please don’t fear us.

PS My name’s Nic

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