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Bad manners and BPD

I read an article on “The Mighty” the other day about how people with BPD are “impolite”. ( https://themighty.com/2019/02/impolite-borderline-personality-disorder-bpd/?utm_source=newsletter_bpd&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=newsletter_bpd_2019-02-23). This got me thinking about my own behaviour and how it is often perceived as bad manners. So for you non-BPD sufferers out there, hopefully, this explains a little why we can seem to be rude,… Read More Bad manners and BPD

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Today I am a woman

I am a woman today, even though I usually am. Today is different because I am consciously trying to be a woman. Not all women, but something that I’m generally not. Today I am trying to be a feminine woman. Today I am a woman, deliberately and with thought. Today my tangled, dimpled, jolly fatness… Read More Today I am a woman

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Today I joined the library

Again. I had entirely forgotten that I had previously joined the library. I must have done so when I first moved here. It is quite possible as I moved here thinking I would work part time for myself, become an active member of the local community, have time for my creative pursuits. I think I… Read More Today I joined the library

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Today I’m wearing pearls

I’m wearing pearls today. I went out. Out further than I usually go, but not physically. Physically the distance was average, just once again to the next town. But mentally further, because I didn’t go alone. Today I went to a garden party in the rain. This I am sure is the first garden party… Read More Today I’m wearing pearls

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Goth, punk or rainbow me?

Goth? Punk? All the colours of the rainbow? Which is more me? Who knows, that changes all the time, but yes, I am at it again. One of the many things health professionals don’t tell you or seem to notice is that many borderlines have this thing about drastically altering their appearance. Cutting our hair… Read More Goth, punk or rainbow me?